Bitcoin trading with Binance and Mybot against other Cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum, BNB, Ripple, Trx, Doge, Dash, etc.) about making profit or buying at low price and selling at a higher price of the base coins through Binance and Huobi exchanges to make a profit. And your Account is self-managed on Binance and Mybot was born to support you with a fully automated trading and profit-taking tool. If you Join us, you will get Cash Back 25% the amount you invest to buy bot

Learn about the Mybot project What is it? Information about Mybot auto trading Binance

What is Mybot ?

MYBOT is an intelligent AI Robot application that helps place 24x7 automatic trading orders of "COIN/USDT" or digital currency. Because MYBOT application works independently of the Cryptocurrency exchange “Binance, Houbi”. So to replace manual trading orders that you buy and sell on the "Binance" exchange, MYBOT needs to be licensed to connect API with the exchange to be able to push automatic trading orders to the exchange.

About   Mybot and Self-Managed Capital Smart Investment Solution on Binance Exchange

Basic Functions of Mybot

  • Quantitative research of MYBOT and development of financial robots, to achieve advanced mathematical models instead of subjective human judgments, using computer technology from huge amount of historical data to pick out a sequence of "probable" events that can yield excess returns in order to develop strategies. By analyzing industry data and quotes for many years, it integrates a set of accurate financial strategy codes and intelligent analysis system, which is set up on the server end and by accessing the exchange API, it works 24/7 for users to speculate on coins.
  • Avoid the limitations of human trading and help investors achieve daily profits through strategies that support risk control for trade management

Scientific analysis

  • BOT uses accurate calculations of data to identify and exploit historically established patterns in the investment market and assumes that these patterns will continue into the future. hybrid.
  • Bot investing allows modern mathematical and statistical methods to be used to find a variety of "high-probability" strategies that can deliver outstanding returns from large volumes of historical data and the discipline to guide investing in line with the numbers built by these strategies in order to achieve consistent, sustainable, above-average returns The goal is to achieve excess returns stable, sustainable, above average.

Site Specifications

  • Domain: MYBOT.ASIA
  • Purchasing Date: May 14, 2021 – May 14, 2022
  • IP address
  • Host name
  • IP range CIDR
  • ISP Amazon Technologies Inc.
  • Organization Amazon Data Services Singapore
  • Country Singapore (SG)
  • City Singapore
  • Hosting: Cloudflare.
  • Script: Copyright from GoldCoders.
  • DNS Servers:,
  • SSL: Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 valid from 23 Dec, 2020 to 23 Dec, 2021 – Cloudflare, Inc.
  • Time zone Asia/Singapore, GMT+0800
  • Local time 12:02:15 (+08) / 2021.07.22
  • Postal Code 049481
Mybot asian

Information about Mybot auto trading Binance project

  1. Start Date: June 1, 2021.
  2. Using APP: ANDROI and iOS
  3. Self-managed capital on BINANCE
  4. Accept payment gateways: Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, .... and lots of COINS on Binance
  5. Deposit to buy Bot 1 year: 100 USDT.
  6. Interest paid 7 days/week from Monday to Sunday.
  7. Referral Commission: 30%.
  8. Min withdrawal: 10$
  9. Automatic withdrawal and daily withdrawal

Why should you choose Mybot to invest and earn high profits

  1. Mybot not is an investment platform.
  2. Mybot only sell Bot and eat 20% difference on winning orders when trading on Binance through Mybot.
  3. Capital you manage yourself on Binance (world's leading cryptocurrency exchange)
  4. High profit, some days up to 8-10%/day
  5. Commission from sharing from Mybot.
    • 30% from Ref to buy Mybot.
    • 20%-70% commission from 20% difference of Ref.

What is our Mybot cashback program


Registration Link:
👉 if you register via the link above, we will 25% REFUND the amount you bought the BOT
👉 After you successfully click on the package, please send the following information in the COMENT box
  • Username
  • Investment amount
  • Investment Date
  • PM or USDT Trc20 wallet (to return the Cash Back to you)

How to register and participate in MyBot effectively


Step 1: Click on the website: https://mybot .asia/signup MyBot
  1. Select Country : Select Country
  2. Seclet Type: Select Email or Phone to receive the verification code
  3. Registered Name: Write name without accent
  4. Pass:Login Password
  5. Security Pin: Withdrawal Password
  6. Invitation code: Code from referrer
  7. Press “SendNow”: Receive verification code sent by Mybot to Email/Phone input.
  8. Create Account : Create Account

MyBot Login Instructions

  1. Enter registered email or phone number
  2. Enter Password
  3. click LOGIN
  4. Download app on Android or iOS

  1. Click "Profile"
  2. Click "My Assect"
  3. Click "Recharge"
  4. Copy wallet code USDT TRC20 to transfer money in
Note: Deposit 120$-150$ as a Fule fee when transacting.

MyBot Activation Instructions

  1. Click "Robot Starting"
  2. Select "USDT 100 Stay for 365 days"
  3. Click "STARTING NOW" to finish

Click Link: binance We can choose MAIL or phone number to activate the account, here we will share with you how to register through MAIL.
  1. Email:
  2. Password
  3. Click "REGISTER"
  4. Drag the arrow button to overlap the image above.
  5. you will receive an activation code via MAIL. you enter the above 5 boxes is ok
So you have successfully registered an Account on the exchange, wish you can earn a lot of money with Binance binance

  1. HOME
  2. More
  3. API Management
  4. API Name
  5. Create API
  6. Enter the code sent to your phone
  7. Enter 2fa
  8. Click "SUBMIT" to finish
  1. Click "EDIT"
  2. Copy "API KEY" and "Secret KEY" paste Mybot
  3. Check "Enable Spot and Margin Trading"
  4. SAVE

Connect Binance API to Mybot

  1. Click "Quantify"
  2. Select Coin pair to set mybot
  3. Pause Trade: Bot will stop clicking here
  4. Clearance Sale: Sold out all Coins at current price
  5. Replenishment: Buy more Coins when the market is up
  6. Transaction Settings: Transaction Settings
  7. Single: Buy only once
  8. Cycle: Buy with Capital Management.
  9. Orfer Quantity: Order Quantity
  10. Take Profit ratio: Take Profit ratio
  11. Earnings Callback: After reaching the profit-taking level, the market still increased until many %. The bot will not close and suddenly the market returns to 0.3, the bot will automatically close, so we will enjoy a higher % than the taget set.
  12. Callback for margin call: This means that the price lock of the selected Coin will not automatically buy until the price of the Coin drops to a low and starts to rise again to reach get the callback rate you set. You should set a 0.3-0.5% retracement rate.
  13. Open position Double: Fold when opening this position
  14. Call for a Drop in position(%): Up to % set Bot will automatically buy the next order.
  15.  UPDATE: completes setup.
  16. Start Up: Start the Bot to make transactions.

We update information daily on Group telegram:



This article We have shared with you to better understand Mybot, this is a project that is highly appreciated by many brothers around the world and has very high potential, but when investing in Finance We also recommend that you learn more carefully and in more detail, and especially not invest all of your money in any one project, but allocate it to the most reasonable. Wish you always make a lot of money with MyBot.
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